App Wrap: ‘Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare,’ ‘The Wolf Among Us’ – NY1

NY1 highlights the coolest and newest apps for your cell phone or mobile device in the twice-weekly segment “App Wrap.” NY1’s Adam Balkin filed the following report.

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare is the soon to be released console version of the popular mobile game, but what you’re seeing here, how your mobile device can work with the console version. Sounds confusing, so let’s start with the basics. SmartGlass is a mobile app that allows users to wirelessly link their phone or tablet to an XBox. So, video game developers can use that link to create interesting second screen experiences.

In the case of Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare you have the player on the console trying to blast the zombies. Then the friend sitting next to them on the couch on a tablet gets a top down view of the action, kind of like a general getting a satellite view of the battle. That general then helps the primary player by dropping in help, whether that’s a sunflower for healing, radar stations to detect zombies preparing to attack, or giant laser guided cherry bombs when the primary player is getting overwhelmed. Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare will be out, initially just on the XBox One and 360 February 25th for between $30 and $40.

That SmartGlass app is free on iOS, Android and of course Windows devices.

The Wolf Among Us

And The Wolf Among Us is what you get when you combine a comic book with a choose your own adventure book with a video game. From the same folks who made the similar The Walking Dead book, game, whatever you choose to call this.

The Wolf Among Us is about Fabletown where fairytale characters like Beauty, the Beast, Red Riding Hood live disguised AS humans in order to live among we humans. You play as the Big Bad Wolf, aka Bigby Wolf.

Throughout the story you’re asked to choose reactions to what’s happening and those reactions help guide the story in different directions. You also will have to look around rooms, pick up items, and occasionally even do things like tap and swipe your way through a fight.

The Wolf Among Us is an iOS app that costs $4.99 for the first episode and then $4.99 for each of the upcoming four episodes or you can them as a package for around $15. One note with this one, it is most definitely a mature title, worthy of its 17+ rating.


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