Chicago Botanic Garden solar panels being damaged by golf balls – Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Botanic Garden anticipates spending about $10,000 to repair a series of solar panels damaged by errant golf shots coming from the neighboring Glencoe Golf Club, according to garden officials.

“Golf balls are coming over and damaging our solar panels at a high rate,” said Beth Dunn, the garden’s director of government affairs, at the June meeting of the village’s sustainability task force.

Dunn said the balls have been hitting the panels at the nursery of the Kris Jarantoski campus (named after a garden executive who retired earlier in 2017) that opened in August 2015.

Dunn said in a subsequent interview that since the August 2015 opening through March of this year, 30 of the 160 solar panels at the Jarantoski campus have been damaged by the golf balls, with an estimated repair cost of about $300 per panel, plus labor.


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