The warm weather has been a tease for many, some of whom have already taken to their gardens to plant for spring.

But a freeze warning will be in effect from 2 a.m. until 9 a.m. Wednesday for Berks County south through Philadelphia, where temperatures are expected to dip by 40 degrees overnight.

That has some at Spayd’s Landscaping in Ruscombmanor Township scrambling to save their plants.

“If you are going to put all this hard work into doing something, why would you want to do it twice? So yeah, it does make things difficult for people and discourages them from getting out and gardening,” said Betsy Rothenberger, with Spayd’s Landscaping.

But staff members are not giving up just yet. They moved their pansies into greenhouses and plan to cover the rest of the plants with a frost blanket.

“That kind of keeps a little insulation to the plant and protects it from the crazy weather that we might get tonight,” said Rothenberger.

Spring plants in greenhouse

They said you can do the same. If you have already planted tender vegetables, annuals, even some scrubs, take a towel, a piece of burlap or even some newspaper and cover the plants.

“The cold weather will actually scare the flowers. The actual plant will not be harmed, but the beauty that is on it will be marked up,” said Rothenberger.

The good news is the freeze warning will not last long and temperatures are expected to rebound Wednesday.