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If you haven’t had a vegetable garden before, getting started isn’t difficult. Here’s advice from Allegria and Davina Ngeno, Alison Branz, Carolyn Hansen, Michelle Rush, Angie McLaughlin, Erin Kennedy, Dave Berry, Mollie Ward, Mercy Davison and Jay Tetzloff:

Get advice from gardeners you know, walk to one of the community gardens and ask to speak with a gardener, call the University of Illinois Extension at 309-663-8306 or go to a garden shop and say you want to start a vegetable garden and have some questions. Most gardeners are willing to share what they know.

Start small with a pot, a small raised bed or a small part of your yard. Work the soil and plant some seeds or a few plants.

If you live in an apartment, go to one of the community gardens and ask whether you can work a plot. If they’re all taken, ask gardeners if they know of a garden that still has plots available.

Don’t be afraid to get dirty. But if you don’t like to get your hands dirty, wear gardening gloves.

Pick seeds or plants of vegetable you like. Think tomatoes, green beans, lettuce and radishes.

Water and weed your garden. Have fun.

Be patient. When the vegetables are ready to harvest, enjoy. If you harvest more than you and your family need, share with others.

Now, share what you’ve learned with others who may be interested in starting a garden.


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