Gramma's "Do's" On Gardening

What prompted me to write about gardening? I am madly (and I do mean madly) in love with all forms of nature. The smell of the sea, the sway in the trees caused by a soft wind, a hummingbird nest filled with babies, a tomato vine ripe with all sized plump red tomatoes, my orchid plants though out my home giving me a daily injection of serenity and joy. The list can go on and on.

My other reason for writing this blog is because of my daughter. Last year, she planted a large vegetable garden. Her garden brimmed over with enough fresh vegetables to feed her family healthy meals over the summer and well into the fall. I was in awe of her accomplishment. She is a “doer”.

It is not easy to plant and tend a garden. For those of you who want to try, here is a provincial guide that may initiate your desire to plan your own garden or, on the other hand, make you “toss” the idea for a shopping spree in the produce department at Whole Foods!

 Do! Carrots, peas, radishes, squash, beets, romaine lettuce, kale, cauliflower broccoli and beans: plant from seeds.
 Do! Tomatoes, cucumbers, cantaloupes and watermelon: plant the plant.

 Do! Purchase an inexpensive soil test kit at your local garden center to test your soil.

 Do! Wait for your area to have two warm weekends back to back before
you start your garden.

 Do! Dig your plotted space and prepare special soil. Not easy!!

 Do! Carefully read the packet backs so you can space your initial seedlings far enough apart when you plant. We are not done yet! After the seedlings have germinated you must thin them out to prevent further crowding.

 Do! Fertilize both organic and conventional gardens monthly! Keep it back three to four inches from each plant.

 Do! Water your garden as often as necessary. Use mulch to reduce the need for water and keep away weeds. Use a soaker hose and water at the base of each plant. The water should reach a depth of six inches. You cannot just turn on your sprinkler and come back later! Read the instructions for taking care of your plants, as plants such as cucumbers and cantalopes must be watered twice a d, and can be time consuming.

 Do! Keep bugs away so your garden will be free of disease. I remember my daughter telling me she planted rosemary and peppermint to keep pests out of her garden. Also, spray your fruits and vegetables. Ask your garden center for products.

 Do! When planning your garden, your taller plants should go behind the
smaller plants, and your smaller plants in front. You don’t want to shade your smaller plants.

 Do! Water at either sunrise or sunset. That means up early and home by sunset!

I would prefer to have my own greenhouse filled with orchids, a writing desk to write my daily blog, and a chaise to lounge on while appreciating the unparalleled beauty of my orchid plants. There, I would dream of what I will write tomorrow. I would name my greenhouse: A Room of My Own.

DO Something Good Today: Research the nearest Farmer’s Market, or look
into gardening.