Green gardening: the best recycled equipment –

3 Harness wool’s warmth to mulch, line your hanging baskets and tuck-up pots
for winter. The Woolly Shepherd uses UK fleeces that are often wasted
because they are dark in colour and of low value. The latest product, The
Garden Square, is a 500mm square piece of felted wool that can be cut to
size for garden use. Priced £6.99 for a twin pack, or £3.99 each. Or buy by
the metre (01823 400321;

4 Worried about the island of plastic bottles forming in the mid-Pacific
Ocean? It’s the size of Texas and has been dubbed “Garbage Island”. Woolly
Pockets makes wall planters out of water bottles. They look and feel like
wool-felt ,but are made from recycled plastic bottles. Designed to create an
lush vertical garden in any environment, they won’t solve the Garbage Island
issue but it’s a good start. Wally One holds 11 litres of compost and costs
£29.99 (

5 If you’ve ever had to cut cordwood, you know it can be back-breaking. Meet
the Truncator. It’s an ingenious, no-fuss saw bench that takes the strain
out of sawing and makes it faster and safer, too. The basic model, priced
£195, has a steel frame and four hinged cups fitted to a thick base board.
The cups are made from recycled car battery plastic and hold the cordwood in
place. Pile it up, then chainsaw between the cups and flip the contents into
your waiting barrow (015394 33375;

6 Kedel offers a range of maintenance-free fences and garden furniture in 100
per cent recycled UK waste plastic. It looks like wood but is maintenance
free and can even be recycled again at the end of its life. Look for bright
and funky picnic benches, including the Derwent, from £527.85. The NanPan
patio chair is made from 770 plastic milk containers, £254, in green or blue
(01282 861325;

7 Home improvements create heaps of materials that can often be given a new
lease of life. Sometimes the results create interesting effects. For edging
the pond, try crushed roof slates instead of water-worn pebbles, or
terracotta crushed brick instead of gravel. Meadow View has a range of
Recycled Eco Aggregates, including crushed tiles, brick and ceramic, all
processed to make an alternative to standard materials. From around £3.99
for a 15kg pack, or bulk bags are available (01904 841607;

8 Disguise your plant supports discreetly with these bamboo-style (hence the
name, Panda Stix) plant supports. Sturdy and rot-proof, made from 98 per
cent recycled plastic, they are available in eight colours and a range of
thicknesses. Prices start at 35p each, with a discount for buying more than
one, and 10 per cent off for black (

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