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Gardens can be a sanctuary from modern life, a place to ignore the constant buzz of smartphones and the white noise of information that surrounds us in this digital age. But that’s not to say they haven’t benefited from the huge technological advances of our times.

Even recent RHS Chelsea Flower Shows have seen gardens controlled by tweets from enthusiasts and explained via smartphone technology. And with intelligent management systems now available for the domestic market, gardens can (almost) look after themselves.

Such developments, in combination with an ever-increasing emphasis on sustainability, have had an enormous impact on garden design and maintenance, and by association on the savvy home gardener.

Sustainable thinking

Sustainable elements can be built into the scheme of a garden at the outset, but it is maintenance that is vital to its ongoing health. And for this, technology has stepped up to the plate. This is machinery that is quieter and easier to handle, with cheaper running costs and uncompromised results. With the benefit of good eco credentials, what better way to salve your green conscience than with effortless recycling? For truly organic lawn care, for example, the mulching deck on Husqvarna’s range of Rider mowers returns the grass clippings directly to the lawn for fertiliser, removing the need for chemical supplements, and for endless trips to the compost heap. Efficiency at its best.

Automated systems

The growth in automated systems has made an impact, too. With lawn maintenance one of the most time-consuming jobs in the garden, robotic mowers are a welcome innovation. Once set up, Husqvarna’s range of Automowers can be reliably left to their own devices. The new 330X is the most efficient in terms of energy usage, and its inbuilt sensors mean it is good for the lawn – cutting little and often for optimum results and adjusting its timing based on the weather so as to maximise mowing time when it is most needed, reducing it in periods of dry weather or late in the season to minimise wear on both the lawn and the mower. It has an increased cutting capacity in comparison to earlier models: the three disc-mounted pivoting razor blades cut the grass from all directions, leaving it stronger and preventing the growth of moss, all in a much shorter time.

Intelligent watering

Intelligent control can be applied to watering the garden as well. Whether by a simple set-up of a digital timer, or by computer-controlled sprinklers that adjust themselves based on current weather conditions, the absent gardener is no longer reliant on the goodwill of neighbours.

Many of these systems – whether running sprinklers, hoses or drip systems – include rain sensors, with automatic delays programmed in case of a downpour or shower. This is better for the plants and for water consumption and, if used in combination with rainwater harvesting, can significantly decrease the amount of water used and wasted through evaporation or seepaway. Gardena’s automatic watering systems are convenient, for example, flexible and easy to install, with intuitive and flexible programming. Powered either by battery or solar panels, they can control several irrigation devices in different areas of the garden for targeted watering without the need to drag a hosepipe over your precious plants.

Throughout the garden, technology has been applied to its very particular needs. Just imagine sitting back and watching your mower independently and quietly tackle the once tedious job of the lawn, before automatic sprinklers take over – what a wonderful example of effortless, sustainable gardening.

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Cutting-edge technology

Husqvarna’s Automower 330X took 20 years to develop, but it will maintain your lawn effortlessly

Swedish company Husqvarna has a long history of innovation. Ever since it was founded in 1689 it has been at

the forefront of product design, and it is a leading player in the manufacture of power products for outdoor use.

Husqvarna’s first lawnmower was produced in 1918 and, nearly a century on, the Automower 330X is the company’s latest innovation. Twenty years in development, this automated mower can cover an area of up to 3,200 square metres and copes well with

slopes, uneven ground and irregularly shaped lawns. This is in part due to built-in GPS assisted navigation, which improves the efficiency and lawn coverage – and automatically returns to its charging station when low on power – while sensors guide it through the most awkward of spaces. The cutting height can be adjusted and an automatic safety feature causes instant shut-off

if the machine is picked up. Weather-proof and reliable, the Automower 330X is symbolic of the quality and labour-saving ease of Husqvarna.


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