1000ct Live Mini Mealworms Reptile Food


Product Description

1000ct Live Mini-Mealworms are great Pet Food for reptiles, birds, fish, they are thin, soft and easy to eat and digest. These are between 1/4 to 1 inch in size. Thickness of a pencil lead. In the event you need worm food/bedding they are available for sale on Amazon for $10.99 for 1 lb. includes shipping. It's the same food we feed our Mealworms Giants and Superworms. Just put in the search box listing number B007KO6512. You are buying in bulk at a huge savings; these worms will not come in little cups like at a pet store- live worms in large amounts must ship LOOSE in newspaper. This is because in a confined space worms generate heat, this keeps them from rubbing against each other, get too hot and die, also it's food source along with some carrots during their trip (by the time they get to you the carrots are eaten). They will eat their way out, so they do escape. It's a little harder to get them unpack, but its much safer way to ship. Just place the box inside a larger box before shaking them out.


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