eLEDing Pure Digital Solar Powered Motion Activated LED Security Flood Lights


Product Description

eLEDing: Smart Lighting Technology is a leap forward from market competitors: 1. Outstanding brightness level with only 36SMD-LEDs up to 400+LM (SDP) brightness with wide soft illumination quality 2. Longest continuous illumination is up to 40+HRs with exclusive Intelligence Power Management (IPM). It is the only category of solar light capable of truly Dusk-to-Dawn operating with "ON as SMART ON" profile (40+Hrs VS. 2-4hrs or only motion triggered very short light up time) extendable continuous illumination yet the required battery capacity are much smaller & lighter (1.0AH VS. 3-4AH outdate type lights) 3. Unique "SMART ON" not only provides ultra extendable illuminating time, but also auto-gradually dims down to "Moon Night" mode then runs up to max intensity of brightness upon detecting human movement. This profile helps maintain a friendly night environment with reasonable brightness level all night long illumination without disturbing your neighbors. 4. Has a larger capacity solar panel (3W VS 1W in average) provides its all night long ability to overcome extreme poor cloudy days 5. Higher durability with UV protection, light body weight (Polycarbonates-PC built its body is a high durability material and has high impact-resistance for outdoor application VS Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene -ABS plastic has outdoor weakness materials) 5. ePIR advanced technology for pure digital motion characteristic in controllability and sensitivity (up to 70' x 180d). 7. "Green" Lithium-based battery has much higher life cycle, light weight and total non-toxic, has 10 times longer than Lead acid based battery such as AGM, Gel and SLA or NiCad e.g. 8. With its effortless setup and ultra-compact nature, eLEDing conforms to all your hybrid lighting needs-all while maintaining a Net-GREEN standard for all your illuminations there without or limited AC power source, and as emergency back-up lights.


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