Gascru Brass Propane One Pound Tank Refill Adapter EZ Coupler P432


Product Description

All brass construction. Easily refills your 1 lb bottles. Now you can take your propane appliance anywhere without tugging along a big, and heavy tank.Refills 1lb propane bottles in minutes. Works with 20 to 50 lbs cylinder. You can use it to refill 1 lbs bottles for your BBQ, camping stoves, propane heater, propane lantern, welding torch, or anything that uses propane. Now you don't have to throw away your disposable 1 lb tanks. To fill each 1 lb bottle more completely,simply put your small container in the refrigerator or your freezer for a few minutes and put your 20 to 50lbs tank in hot water, and /or in the sun.The key here is to maximize the pressure in the source tank, and minimize the pressure in the receiving 1 lb bottle allowing for more propane to transfer before the pressure equalizes. Comes in Calm Shell Packaging for Easy Storage and Future Uses.


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