GrillScrubber , the barbecue grill scrub brush with replaceable stainless steel scouring pads.


Product Description

Barbecue enthusiasts now have an effective tool for cleaning the grill. The stainless steel GrillScrubber holds one, two or three scouring pads to cut through the built-up barbecue gunk. Squeeze the spring loaded handles together and install one "scrubbie" to clean between the bars. Or, install up to three scouring pads to scrub a wider area. Works on stainless steel, chrome plated and porcelain enamel coated grill grates. Not recommended for cast iron grill grates. The scouring pads are dishwasher safe stainless steel and typically last a summer barbecue season. Frequently DIP THE SCRUBBIES IN PLAIN TAP WATER for maximum cleaning power. The GrillScrubber, unlike standard bristle brushes, doesn't wear out. It features stainless steel construction, durable UV resistant handles and a leather lanyard.


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