LENBO 12V AC/DC 10W PIR LED Flood light Warm White Floodlight 3000K Motion Sensor Black Case LW41


Product Description

1, LED type:LED PIR Floodlight
2, Color: Warm White

3, LED Quantity: 10W led high power
4, View angle: 120 degree- 180 degree
5, Working input Voltage: 12V AC/DC
6, Power : Input is 10W . Output is 6.5W-7.5W power consumption
7, Wire Length:20cm; 8,About PIR: A PIR (passive infra-red) motion detector is used to sense movement of people, animals, or other objects. They are can be used in automatically-activated lighting systems. PIR detector characteristics ???? Detection angle £º180¡ã ???? Detection range£ºMaximum 12m (25¡æ) ???? Delay time £º5seconds ~ 6minutes ???? Environmental illumination£º 2lux ~ 2000lux ???? Operating voltage £ºAC85V~240V ???? Operating temperature £º-10¡æ ~ 40¡æ ???? Operating humidity£º<90% ???? Material £º ABS inflaming retarding ???? Shape size£º60mm * 47mm * 156mm ???? Install height£º1.8m ~ 2.5m ???? Install way£ºopen £¬Knob facing down Knob regulation ???? LUX Adjust the PIR is working during the day or night. When adjusted to ¡®sun¡¯ position, the PIR work throughout the day. When adjusted to ¡®moon¡¯ position, the PIR during the day does not work at night automatically enter the working state.


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