PP53006 : 530 GPH, Submersible, Aquaponics, Statuary, Hydroponics Pump - 45W, 6' Cord


Product Description


First remember:
 - "Maximum Flow Rate" is meaningless because it is at ZERO lift.
 - "Maximum Head/Lift" is meaningless because the flow at that height is only a trickle.

You need to choose an affordable quality pump that produces the "desired flow at your required lift" at the lowest wattage.

Step 1: Determining Desired Flow Rate
Hydroponic Systems - typically flow through a single loop allowing a single pump and need a flow rate near 100 GPH for each grow bed loop up to 120 feet. Flood/drain beds - need 2 to 4 cycles per hour. Fish tanks - need a least one exchange per hour or extra oxygenation. Waterfalls - need 100 GPH for each inch of width.

Step 2: Calculating System Lift
Measure the "vertical distance" from the "top" of the water in the pump tank to the pump discharge point.

Step 3: Pump Selection Considerations
 - Continuous instead of intermittent pump duty cycle greatly increases pump life, plus no need for a timer or level control.
<$60) pumps in the 3 to 60 watt pump range are typically submersible.
 - A rule of thumb is that an average pump will last 2-4 times the stated warranty period.
 - Best to buy a backup pump if fish or plants depend on the pump.

Step 4: Is A Foam Filter Needed?
A foam filter is not usually needed to protect the pump and the screen cover is enough. If your model has a foam filter and it clogs too fast, best to remove the filter.
 - If the screen clogs too fast... get a separate pre-filter, vortex filter or settling tank.
 - Micro-algae will not hurt a pump unless it stops water flow.
 - Most people buy our filter pumps for the longer 16 foot cord and discard the foam filter.


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