Strathwood Basics Folding Hardwood Armchair, Set of 2


Product Description

The Strathwood folding armchair set includes two well-designed folding chairs. They are an elegant way to be ready for extra guests, and the chairs can easily be put away when not in use. Not only are they handy, but they are comfortable, too, and the set arrives fully assembled. Combine these chairs with the Strathwood 28-inch folding table for a great little setting that can be easily stored away. The folding chairs are made of eucalyptus wood, an all-weather wood that is dense and durable. Eucalyptus requires no finishing and will not rot when left outdoors, where rain and sun will damage other, lesser-quality woods. Left untreated, eucalyptus will weather to a soft, warm shade of gray similar to that of weathered teak. The original color can be maintained by applying a seasonal coat of teak oil. Sturdy mortise-and-tenon construction provides the highest-quality joinery, which will last for many years.

Drink in the sunset from your balcony or patio with this set of folding armchairs from Strathwood, which can be paired with a bistro table that's perfect for meals for two. The chairs are made of a dense and highly durable hardwood in a warm, mahogany brown tone. The chairs have a slatted seat and back, with a slightly tilted angle on the back for maximum comfort. The sturdy, rust-resistant mortise-and-tenon joinery construction will last for many years. Each chair, when unfolded, measures 21 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and 36 inches high, and weighs 18 pounds. The height from the floor to the top of the arm rest is 25.39 inches. The chairs come ready to use; no assembly required.

Crafted from durable, eucalyptus hardwood, this furniture is intended for outdoor use in all weather. A beautiful hardwood comparable to teak and with excellent weather-resistant properties, eucalyptus is dense and naturally resistant to rot and insect infestation. Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), there is no doubt about the responsible production and consumption of this wood. The rapid growth of eucalyptus trees makes them more readily available and more easily affordable. In addition, furniture constructed of eucalyptus is light enough to move easily and requires no oiling unless to maintain a desired look.

Left untreated, eucalyptus will weather when exposed to the elements, turning a soft shade of silver/gray similar to the weathering of teak. In addition, when untreated, natural splitting or cracks will appear, but this will not affect the durability of the furniture. To guard against this weathering process and to maintain a desired look, apply coats of a hardwood oil. The frequency of necessary oil applications depends on the intensity of the outdoor elements. The furniture has already been oiled prior to packing, and it is recommended that an oil treatment be repeated at least once a year. Giving the furniture an extra treatment before exposing to rain will prolong the “new†look and ensure a longer life.

After eucalyptus furniture has weathered, it can be restored if desired by sanding down the surface, cleaning it, and then applying oil to prevent more weathering. To clean it, mix one tablespoon of bleach, five tablespoons of a gentle dishwashing liquid, and a gallon of water, and gently scrub the mixture on the surface of the wood with a soft bristle brush. Rinse the solution from the furniture, and allow it to dry completely in the sun. Developed for use in high humidity, the furniture is best not stored in centrally heated areas, as that could lead to excessive drying out of the wood.

Wood that becomes saturated with water and left over an extended period without drying out is more likely to warp and rot. The bases of furniture legs are probably the most vulnerable when it comes to water damage. If wood furniture is kept in the grass, at the poolside, or on a surface that collects rain water, the legs can become saturated. Covering the bottoms of each leg with rubberized material or small sections of cedar fencing material will help protect furniture from rotting from the bottom up.

Strathwood furniture has quality, ease of use, and casual elegance at its core. Each piece is rigorously tested for durability, and assembly instructions have been standardized for simplicity from start to finish. Strathwood furniture is sleekly designed, handsomely finished, and built to last. This classic style and reliable craftsmanship will weather ever-changing trends and regular use for years to come.


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